Comparing OM-D/prime with X100S

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.....half a dozen of one, six of another.

Look again, it is a dozen of one and six of the other.

Since I'm interested also in the Fuji X100s, and had read many reviews on-line, the main competitor seems to be the OMD.  I'm thinking to buy the X100s as a back-up camera and for street-photography.  But OMD's reviews make me doubt....what do you reccomend?



The OMD and GH-3 for that matter would be a better comparison since they are micro four thirds using a 2x crop. I don't think the OMD competes with the OMD or GH-3 on any level. For still I think Fuji is better.

The Fuji XE-1, Xpro-1 and X100s use the same sensor with a 1.5 crop like Nikon DX

My opinion is the Fuji cameras I mentioned are more advanced meaning you need to take the time to understand photography and its basics to get good results or IMO you'll get frustrated and want to return the camera. So IMO the Fuji's are more advanced.

I am not talking about DSLR's that have the same crop factor. The Fuji rangefinder cameras, again IMO are more film like in the results.

The OMD and GH-3 are nice cameras.

If video has any importance and thats for good results where you can ditch the dedicated video camera the GH-3 is the only camera or your into a DSLR for alot more money.

For stills I think Fuji is better and I own the GH-3 with fast glass lenses and I have been shooting for 20+ years.

99% of the MFT's forum are Olympus users, I am not. Personal preference as I was deciding on that system I think Panasonic is the better camera when comparing the OMD and GH-3. I had the GF-1 and GX-1 too and did not feel I needed to switch to Olympus.

If I did make a switch from Panasonic it would be to Fuji just for me.

If you want a zoom you have the Fuji X20, but a smaller sensor, but its a nice camera vs Canon G15 and Panasonic LX-7.

You can compare the Nikon A to the Fuji X100s.

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