How badly is this photo breaking the rules?

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Re: How badly is this photo breaking the rules?

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

The Jacal wrote:

Hi all,

I quite like this photo, I was lucky with the timing, lack of people, the weather; the cloudburst that finished about two minutes before gives a nice reflection, and lucky with the 'antenna'.

I know that it doesn't follow traditional rules. I tried to get a bit of symmetry, a bit of balance without having too much dead space.

Insect man.

It's an 'old' pic from the summer; I mislaid the memory card and found it recently, which was nice.

Anyway, what do you think?

Constructive criticism is good, if you're going to be 'mean-spirited', no problem, just say what is wrong, 



Being a newbie, my rules aren't well burned in.

When I look at that image I see great left/right symmetry and very little up/down symmetry, in spite of the very nice high contrast reflection.   I was bothered by the foreground and the little corner triangles and decided to download and play with it.  I only do that with images that I really like and find challenging.

Here is what works best for me.

LR4: Crop maintaining AR, Autotone to make the Jack discernable.

Trying to put that into words is difficult for me.... maybe the lead-ins of the upper surface is more powerful when symmetrical, the triangles and earlier foreground are distracting, the slight brightening of shadow will cause the viewer to linger a little longer on the image and notice other things about it ... like the beautiful geometrical figures on the right.  And of course the title is a great prod in the right direction!!

General Douglas MacArthur: "Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind."

Seemed to have worked for him.   I don't know if it applies to photographers. 


This version is stronger.  The triangles didn't bother me so much as the dark foreground that was slightly sharper in the original.  Yes, the eye goes to light areas, but it also goes to sharp areas.  This slight tweaking of the levels improves the shot.

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