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This is correct

pcb_dpr wrote:

What I've seen/heard, both in print and in conversations at photo shows, is that Leica/Zeiss do the lens designs, specify materials and quality control standards. Though no longer in production, Contax-branded Zeiss lenses were built by Zeiss employees in Kyocera's factory in Japan. They don't appear to be simply allowing their name to be stamped on others' product without any input/involvement.

The current Zeiss SLR lenses in Canon & Nikon mount, for example, are manufactured in Japan by Cosina. But the lens designs are by Zeiss, the glass is from Zeiss, at least some of the manufacturing & testing equipment is from Zeiss and the quality control is mandated (and overseen) by Zeiss. They are Zeiss lenses, period.

AFAIK, Leica's relationship with Panasonic isn't on the same level, but they're not just rubber-stamping their name on products for the sake of marketing. The Lumix Leica lenses at the very least have to meet optical and build standards approved by Leica. My guess is that any interchangeable lens with the Leica name is probably designed, at least optically, by Leica too. But I don't claim to know that...

My VW Golf was made in Germany and exported to the US, where I live, but VW makes cars here too. They're all Volkswagens. The same sort of thing goes for Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM, etc. The iPad I'm using to type this was built in China but it's still an Apple product. Even Leica has an assembly plant in Portugal, and for decades also had a plant in Canada. Does that make a current Leica product less "Leica" than something they made in the 1950s? Of course not.


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