Canon 6D white curtain phenomenon

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Re: Sorry but nonsense

bigdaddave wrote:

That is NOT the flash from another camera, no way no how.

Do you know the chances of another flash going off in the same 1/500th of a second? Infinitessimal. You could try for years and not have that happen once.

It is the begginnings of shutter failure, no doubt about it, you are being fooled by the fact the area is much more exposed than the surroundings.

Yes way, yes how.  It happens to me more times than I'd like during a wedding shoot.  I've had many a shot ruined by someone else firing off their flash while I'm trying to be discreet and not use one.  I've seen the white stripe rarely but many times had flash blown at my subject.  I actually used one shot though for a bride as it added a great spotlight effect during her walk down the aisle.  Yeah, what are the odds when shooting at these speeds?  Higher than I would like but it does happen if you shoot enough around enough people flashing away.

As well, I concur with others regarding the shadow of the mike stand.  It's on his back ergo, the light source is far to his right and yes, it's a light source or you wouldn't even have the shadow.

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