Which full frame Nikon body is safe to buy?

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regos wrote:

"Sounds to me like you should choose another brand.  You will always have doubts, just move on."

I guess you didn't notice that one of the main reasons I want a full frame Nikon body is to be able to use my legacy Nikkor lenses. I have been shooting Nikons since the late 1960's, starting with the rangefinder Nikon SP. I bought my Nikon F in 1972 and still have, and love, all the Nikkor glass I have collected since then. I had a D70, which I liked. It died suddenly and I replaced it with the D7000 which let me use my old lenses; I even installed an aftermarket split image focusing screen. I am now ready to move up to a full frame body, but the point is to be able to use my f-mount glass.

I am sure that you can get an 800/800E/D4, which ever suits you best, and have no big problem if you don't start looking for problems: meaning, if you have to adjust fine-focus, no big deal; will you very frequently have to use you lens wide open and focus extreme left? surely no. If dust appears (even oil): YOU can handle that (sure, you will have to learn how to clean: but that is good). You ais lenses will work great (more so with live view).

Go, get the camera and enjoy it will all its little "things".

Best of luck, regards


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