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RicksAstro wrote:

Jere Landis wrote:

No it wasn't, that's just the way you interpreted it. I was simply pointing out how great it was to be able to handle it that way. Sorry you took it the wrong way.

Making a statement that people would buy the latest and greatest if they use "...their heads and their pencils to upgrade their cameras" implies that those who enjoy the latest and greatest aren't using their heads nor pencils.    Your OP was very preachy and judgmental to be honest.

If it works for you then great!    It can make sense for many people that don't have a need for greater dynamic range and low high ISO noise.     I tried m43 a few times in the past only to be disappointed by those 2 aspects of the older sensors.    Finally with the EM5 and GH3, m43 has become "good enough" for my liking and I ditched my full format equipment.

But I certainly would't say that if you were using your head and pencil that you would never buy a full frame camera.    There are many advantages there and if someone need them or wants them, more power to them!!!

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I don't recall full frame being in the picture, did you dream that or something?

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