eye fi vs transcend wifi for android

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Re: eye fi vs transcend wifi for android

I use the eye-fi card with my Canon 5D mkII (Doesn't work with my 7D).  It took three different types of eye-fi cards and three different readers to find a combination that is rock solid.  No error 2's anymore!!!  Tranfer speed is great because I shoot raw plus Jpeg and only have jpeg transfered.  Raw stays on the card.  I transfer only small jpeg because I only use the card to be able to share on facebook and my send images through text.

No one seems to be talking about the different transfer methods for the eye fi card.  You don't have to send ALL the images.  I have the card setup so that only the images I mark protected in the camera are sent to my phone.  From my phone I can upload to various sites I want.

For those wanting to shoot in bursts or show Raw files to computer...just use a usb cable.  Wireless network speeds are no where near what they would need to be otherwise.  I do like the pricepoint with the transcend and I have several normal Transcend cards that I love.  There inexpensive and rock solid!

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