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Re: A further issue Reilly...

mosswings wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

You're on to something there, Jim.  The D90/300 was pretty noisy indeed past about ISO 800.  The D7000 allowed one to shoot way low and pull shadows as never before in the APSC realm, and it's an endearing quality for sure.  The D7100 isn't a five stop shadow pull machine, but really, the other benefits kind of swamp any of that.   The focus seems very good.  It's been kind of a refreshing change from the relentless fusillade of batteries and deodorant cans that greeted the introduction of the D7000.  Some of the trolls and the ensuing pie fights are legend.

Speaking of refreshing, if any of you haven't, check out Rudy's bifs taken with the D7100 and the humble 70-300VR.  Jim's stuff is great and shows what can be done with this camera from distance.  You know a veteran bird guy with heavy artillery is going to deliver, but it's been nice to see a relative newcomers put up such good work with a consumer zoom.


And I agree - Rudy's shots are great encouragement for us low-rent lens types.

Thanks for the Kudos guys, but I want to add just a little something extra to this part of the discussion so that you don't think my decision to go with the 70-300 VR was strictly motivated by financial concerns, far from it.

I had a bit of a health issue a couple of years ago and one of the outcomes was that I became a daily avid walker after a lifetime of hating walking (I was a hockey, skiing type). Now I walk 4-5 kilometers every day in all weather conditions and being able to walk 5-K with my camera is part of my total "outdoor-photography" experience, and it's why I bought the feather-weight Panasonic FZ200 bridge camera last Fall.

Well, I'm delighted to report that the D7100 combined with the 70-300 VR are still light-weight enough that even my 63-year old legs and back (not the best one in the neighbourhood) can quite handily manage 4-5 kilometers at a brisk pace without getting tired or sore. This is a crucial consideration for me and why I'm really committed to making the this zoom lens sing. This doesn't fall under the rubric of sensor physics, but it too is in the total decision-making mix.


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