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Whalligeo wrote:

fotolopithecus wrote:

Reilly, cameralabs is among the most respected photography review sites there is, and I've never seen this Guy with a testing agenda.  At this point you appear to be getting angry with anyone who holds even a slightly different opinion from yourself. Making absolute categorical statements doesn't make them correct.

I have to say that the review didn't impress me either. I felt the review was shallow and did not in any way explore the full potential of what it has to offer. Reilly is right on this one.

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Clearly for Guys like you, and Reilly, no review that doesn't state that the D7100 is flawless, and everything else crap, isn't going to satisfy you. The cameralabs review was fair, realistic, and very complimentary of the D7100. The fact that he compared two other cameras as being nearly as good seems to be more than you can stomach.

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