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Re: A thrify tip: G5 with lens for $399

Cy Cheze wrote:

Right now, Amazon is offering a G5 with kit lens for $399.  A good deal.  Wait a few months and maybe it will be offered for $299, the way the G3 was priced at certain recent intervals.

But, no, people want a GH3, or an OMD with all the trimings.  Or maybe its a FF camera.  Or maybe anything they really can't use or afford, but which simply gives a temporary "fix" to their addictive behavior.

There is a disease called Gear Acquisition Syndrome ("GAS") that threatens the sanity and budgets of lots of people.  A new product appears, admidst lots of chatter and hype, and GAS victims go with the flow.  They are always churning products they barely have time to use, before a new product comes along.  Compusive obsessions notoriously cloud people's sense of judgment or perspective.

A possible rationalization:

People spend outrageous sums for all sorts of stuff they don't need.  Why worry?  Social Security, Medicare, and Food Stamps will spare all troubles!  Or move in with a relative.  Worst case, steal something, turn yourself in, and you can get food and shelter at the state penetentiary.  But I simply must have that new camera!

Totally, I think it's far past time for a multiyear longitudinal study of the plague on our society of camera gear-induced poverty and the crime associated with it.

This is the most astute post I've read in a long time...

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