18-200 or 70-300 VR with D7100?

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Re: 18-200 or 70-300 VR with D7100?

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ajamils1 wrote:

Since right now a lot of retailers are offering instant rebates on lenses, when purchased with a body I am thinking about getting D7100. The only issue is that I cannot decide what lens should I get, whether 18-200 or 70-300. I know that they are totally different lenses but I am only interested in finding out what is the better value for money and which one will provide better IQ with D7100.

I believe there is $250 rebate on 18-200 and $200 rebate on 70-300 VR. Rebate is valid till April 27.

The 55-300 is better than the 18-200, if you want value for money that would be a great option.

It's not better if you need under 55mm.

Then the 70-300 that the op referenced would be even worse.

Did you even read the original post?

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