OS 10.8 Mountain Lion - converting documents made in Appleworks to Pages

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Re: OS 10.8 Mountain Lion - drag and drop works... "save to" question

Andy Hewitt wrote:

You could try dropping a few on at a time (drag the document icons onto the AppleWorks 6 app icon), and it'll open them all up, then you can just hit the Command-S, Command-W keys to save them in the new format. That might work.

Once in v6 format, you can then just open them up in Pages/Numbers on an as needed basis, rather than spend hours converting them again.

Cheers and thanks for the info !


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Andy Hewitt
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Hey Andy... the drag / dropping old files onto the Appleworks icon in  10.6.8 works fine, and then transferring the file to my computer running 10.8.3 and doing the same with the Pages icon finishes the job.  I'm saving as Pages,  since "once stung" with saving in a cwk. format got me into this  trouble , I don't know how long  Apple will support and read the v6.0 format. Saving in Pages is yet another step, but hopefully Apple will keep that going for a while.  I don't know where I missed the warning in years past, that Apple was abandoning support for the older format.  But it happened and I wasn't there !

Using only Command-S seems to work, so what does  the Command-W do? When I hit that, I just get a clunk that doesn't seem to do anything.  Command-S seems all I need.  I just save them to the desktop and put them in a renamed "converted file".

One other question that bugs me  is that when I "save to", the window default is always iCloud, and I want it saved on the desktop or some other folder, and have to select that every time I save.  Is there any way to make the "save to" default to some place other than iCloud ?

Thanks again for the drag and drop tip!  It is going to save some time and steps.  I did find that dragging more than four docs at a time was a little overkill, but four at a time is better than one at a time !

Cheers !   carolyn

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