Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

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Re: The take home message here..

FujicaST605 wrote:

Shunda77 wrote: that the best DX camera at the moment is probably the D5200. If the balance of features to cost is what it is all about, then this camera offers quite a lot for the money.

Not true.  Depends on what you need.

Items on the D7100 that I need that my D5000 and your D5200 don't have:

Ability to act as a flash commander.

1/250 flash sync speed for outdoor fill flash.

1/8000s ss for large aperture outdoor portraits

AF adjust for my fast primes.

Better AF and frame rate for shooting sports.

I'm not trying to say no one should buy the D7100, I agree that there are some great features.

But if you don't have a consistent need or use for some of those features, there are 3 other DX bodies that will effectively give you identical image quality, two of them for excellent low prices.

Picking the right DX is a little more tricky this time, but choice is great for enthusiasts, so it's no bad thing.

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