A few samples from my first day with the D800....

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ianbramham wrote:

Hi Roman,

I guess you will be using your D800 in a similar manner to the way that I use mine - on a tripod with mirror-up and a cable release plugged into the 10 pin port on the camera.

That's the way that I've been using mine over the last 6 months. I'd read about the problems with the 10 pin port coming loose but after 6 months of heavy use of the port I didn't think my own camera had the issue. 2 weeks ago however it failed.

I used my D700 for nearly 3 years in exactly the same way without a problem so it was a bit frustrating that Nikon seemed to have changed the port design for something inferior (or else they have a problem with QC)

The D800 is currently with Nikon for warranty repair at the moment but I've decided not to risk it failing a second time so I've ordered this extension cable https://www.ppsna.com/product_info.php/products_id/738 which I plan to attach permanently to the camera. I'll let you know how I get on with it.

If anyone else reading this has advice they can give me on the issue of the 10 pin port I'd be very interested.

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Ian, I use the RFN-4s made by SMDV.  It's a wireless system with a small unit attached to the camera via the 10-pin port and a separate remote control to trigger the shutter.

I've been using it for 6 months with no problems.

I doesn't have any extended features (like a timer, intervalometer, etc.), just the shutter release.

It might work for you because you can have the camera-mounted unit on nearly full-time.  It's small enough that you will not notice it when shooting handheld and it presents no problems going into the bag.

For your bulb/MUP work you'd press once to raise the mirror, press and hold until the light goes out to open the shutter, then press once more to finish the exposure.


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