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FrankMill wrote:

Pieter Oosthuysen wrote:

I understand, but this is one of the best ever Canon lenses, it won awards!!! none of the other L lenses is performing so bad as this one on the 5DIII!!!! and this was one of my best lenses..used on the non digital 5D why back in 1995, years ago!!! was perfect> > > >

When you're buying a Bentley, BMW or Mercedes dont get a " VW 1965 beetle" performance...I am sorry I paid a lot for this lens, and it should not have any of this nonsense or was manufactured for only FF censors..come on!!! It should be perfect!!!

I'm 11 months late, but I have to day I DO agree with you totally, Pieter.  I just bought a brand new 70-200 IS 2 at a colossal price, and half my first batch of test photos with my 5D mk ii are badly vignetted in the corners.  The "pros" on this forum say that's normal and that the vignetting is lessened as you stop down.  Huh?!! I just traded in a 70-200 f4.0 for the f2.8 precisely to take advantage of all the publicity that says this lens gives results indistinguishable from a prime.  The whole point of humping the heavy thing around is to use its WIDE aperture, not to stop it down.

I really think this lens is a disgrace to Canon and am astonished to discover how bad the vignetting problem is.  Some websites recommend using Canon Digital Photo Professional software to correct the problem, but (a) it doesn't and (b) it takes ages to work through each picture, making it useable only for the occasional critical shot.  At first I figured the lens hood could contribute to the vignetting but, no, the lens is fundamentally a dud.  It gives wonderful results in the centre of the frame, becoming rubbish at the edges.  How it has achieved its legendary reputation I fail to comprehend.

Good grief, vignetting is so easy to correct for, either in-camera or in post-processing that I'm surprised anyone regards it as an issue these days.

But to get back to the 11-month old subject of the original poster, I suppose it IS possible to get feedback on the Canon 5D Mark III if you hooked up the headphone jack to an amplifier and speaker and positioned the speaker next to the microphone while shooting video.  Hope this helps.

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- Bill

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