Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

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Re: UNHappily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

fyngyrz wrote:

Stu 5 wrote:

I take it you have not used Lightroom since version 3 as it no longer has a 'brightness' setting. It has a 'whites' setting.

No, I just misspoke. Haven't been using it long, just since Apple hosed the RAW support for 10.6.8. Yeah, Lightroom is missing a brightness control. Very weird. Aperture has both a comprehensive black, shadow, highlights, whites control *and* brightness + contrast. They both have exposure. Lightroom has a local contrast (which they call something else... er... yeah, "clarity") Aperture has a local contrast (which they ALSO call something else... "definition")

Lightroom's isn't switchable:

ALways on local contrast and color mods for Lightroom

Whereas in Aperture you 'll find these switchable under Enhance, shown below.

The fact that you can knock them on and off without disturbing their settings in Aperture makes for a powerful before-after comparison. Lightroom falls short here.

You can't turn 'contrast' and 'whites' off because they are basic settings that you need to at least look at every time. They are also not separate as they come under other basic settings.

Yes, well, they're just as "basic" in Aperture, but you can turn them on and off there, and you can't in Lightroom, which was my point. Whatever the rationale, it's inconvenient and Aperture does it better:

Aperture brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. - switchable

Lightroom exposure, contrast, BSHW controls - not switchable

Aperture's switchable comprehensive BSHW controls

Aperture is really a much better tool in this regard.

To Fyngyrz,

I think that your opinion vis a vis Lightroom's superior Highlight recovery is a self perpetuating myth.  Look at the Aperture highlight and shadow recovery brick above.  Notice that if you drop down the Advanced options, you can adjust the radius, Color correction, High Tonal Width, Mid Contrast, and Low Tonal Width, relative to the recovery you are working on.  This would appear to be much more comprehensive and powerful than the same single slider in Lightroom.

Not to mention that there is also a "recovery" slider in the Enhance brick, which is meant for more subtle recovery use.  Yes, some adjustments in LR work better than Aperture, but tonal corrections are not among them.

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