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Re: Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

ajamils1 wrote:

I can understand the compromise to achieve better IQ but the problem i that it looks like Nikon try to go over board with it with too much focus on AA filter removal and AF system, everything else seem to be of previous generation.

I'm not sure what mission you're on here, but that statement is false.  Try comparing the autofocus for a start. If you think you can track birds in flight with a D5200 or a D7000, you're in for a rude awakening.  The D7100 can, because it has the same AF as the D800.

Also, to achieve better IQ Nikon seem to have compromised on the noise and that's why D7100 exhibits a lot more noise compared to same sensor D5200.

No, it doesn't.  It's about the same as the D7000, only with better capability to handle noise reduction owing to finer grained noise. Show us the samples that prove otherwise.  We have many examples of incorrect processing from brand new users which show grain, but we also have some real stunners when the correct procedure was used.  These samples are entirely consistent with reality:

The D7100 shows less blurry details, stronger color and better contrast, all owing to the lack of an AA filter.

Although you would think not based on my decided tepid comments on this thread, I tend to agree with Reilly's specific points, buttressed by photoreddi's observations on nonoptimal choice of aperture in both Cameralabs's and DPR's test shots.

What I do agree with is those testers' observations that at practical apertures and in practical use, which means handheld and in non-optimal light, diffraction and camera shake blur out significant resolution differences between the two cameras and even between generations.  Remember than 20% linear resolution differences are getting difficult to observe (same image size) under typical conditions.

What DPR and Cameralabs have not done (and what I asked Gordon Laing of Cameralabs to comment further on) is whether in practice any of the sensor artifacting noted here has limited their use of or confidence in the camera.  I suspect that the answer will be no; both sites testing protocols do not involve such extremes.  Hence my posting of Kirk Tuck's comments - Nikon has chosen to go a different way this generation in choosing the compromises they make in their sensing chain.

Rudy eloquently points out the case for this camera, and I fully agree that, in hand, there is a world of difference between the D7100 and the D5200, even though for most folks the results will be nearly indistinguishable.  The D7100 just feels better and gets out of your way. As a travel shooter, I am painfully aware of the penalties of physical size and weight and the overkill of the D7100's feature set.  A detached analysis of the two cameras would say that the D5200 would be the obvious choice - but a tool must be comfortable and rewarding to use to stay in your hand all day, days on end, and the D7100 is more rewarding.  Plus it is more field-maintainable, no small consideration away from the grid.

I noted the images in the recent thread on this forum "D90-still got it".  Indeed, they're quite nice. Jerry Fisher posted a couple from an earlier Safari and I noticed something in the rendition that looked familiar:

I then looked at one of my shots of similar subjects:

Notice the grain and sharpening?  I had to do that.  Even on the better lit subjects. Then we look at some of Rudy's work with a good-but-not great 70-300, and you realize that there is a difference, a greater ease in rendition to the D7100 captures; there is a benefit to be had after the workflow acquisition costs are paid.

But then again, I don't own a D7000.  I'm a prime candidate for an upgrade.

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