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This is hypocritical

Jere Landis wrote:

How many use their heads and their pencils to upgrade their cameras without breaking the bank. Ever notice all the hype on new camera improvements, really exciting! There's better stabilization, more pixels, improved and faster processors coming along every whip stitch. But, this doesn't translate into images that are THAT MUCH BETTER. In other words, is a $1000. upgrade going to produce files that much better, no it isn't. Look at the Olympus EPL1, still popular, and there are many others like it. All we have to do, is use what we have until the prices on some of these great cameras drop to unheard of low prices. An upgrade is an upgrade, if we are a generation OR TWO behind, who cares, I certainly don't. This is a wonderful time to enjoy fine equipment, without going broke to do it.

If you really believed "All we have to do, is use what we have," then you wouldn't even be on an m43 forum, because if you are here it means you thought that you could take better pictures by buying advanced m43 cameras and lenses, instead of just using your iPhone.

These types of posts are usually sour grapes from someone who bought latest and greatest a year or two or three ago and is now frustrated that the bar for latest and greatest as moved ahead of them.

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