What is the purpose of the Coolpix A?

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Re: Like you I wonder

(Edit: I meant to type this reply to the OP, not antoineb.)

I like the 28mm focal length. A 28mm prime was on my short list. Then, along came the A, not really on my radar screen, until a camera store employee handed an A to me, and I found its handling qualities very good. I went home and went on-line to learn about the A, then went to a closer electronics store, and handled the A again. My on-line reading continued. Then I visited the electronics store again. I continue to read and learn. The A has "grown on me." The word "Coolpix" used to mean nothing to me; now, it does.

Objectively, the A allows me to tote two cameras, one being a DSLR, with one of my favored prime lenses, of a longer focal length, or one of my longer zooms, and when I wish for a wider field of view, I can simply draw and shoot with the A. No time is lost swapping lenses.

Other times, when I know I will be content with just one wide-normal focal length, which is much of the time, one A can substitute for a DSLR, and spare my aching, aging right wrist and left elbow. (Is there such a thing as an "orthopedic" camera?)

The A reminds me of several nicer, high-end afixed-lens 35mm film cameras that interested me during an earlier time of my life. Now that I have more discretionary income, we are in the digital age.

The A is not inexpensive, but it is, barely, within the range of my budget, if I spend conservatively on other things for a few months.

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