So who's migrated from a NEX?

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Yes and no

simoru wrote:

.... and why?

I currently shoot with [a museum piece really] - a Konica Minolta 7D.    The natural upgrade path is to the Sony SLT range.   But I'm getting tired of lugging around a huge bag of gear...   Then I looked at the NEX series.... and then I found the X series... both great camera ranges but quite unique in their fields too.

Curious to know who else is either on, or been on the same journey as me.

I found one place that has the XE1 with 35mm for $1195 [Aussie] - tempting, but can't help feel that an X Pro 2 is just around the corner.


Though I still have some A-mount gear, I hardly ever use it. After the KM 7D, I went to the A700 and A850. They were excellent cams and the G and CZ lenses are truly excellent. Two years ago I decided to get a small cam due to the bulk you refer to.

I purchased a NEX-5. That lasted a short while as the then-available lenses 18-55 and 16/2.8 were horrible. The UI wasn't great either. I then picked up a X100. Optical perfection with some operational quirkiness. Some 8 months later I decided to re-think my system/equipment. Instead of having one mount to meet all needs I decided to get one system for my sports/wildlife shooting and another for all else.

Solution: Canon 7D + L lenses (I rent locally) and X-Pro1 (with 18/2 and 35/1.4). I love the X-Pro1 and the OVF-EVF. I don't know how I would feel with an EVF-only camera. But the X-cams are truly great. The high ISO performance is second only to the latest generation full-frame cameras. At low ISO, they're quite decent.


p.s. The AF performance is not great.

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