Focus motors: In-body vs in-lens

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Re: Focus motors: In-body vs in-lens

Dirk W wrote:

I think the problem is you see a case highlighted because it went wrong but the many many users who don't have a problem are not likely to start a post saying 'my lens works as it should even afer 'x' years'. Your view gets warped by the minority because the majority have no need to speak out.

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Yes I know, that can really happen. Anyway the two 18-135s are my own ones and I have read that it happened to quite a number of people but that is an old and cheap AF-S lens anyway. I bought the screwdriver 300f4 btw and am VERY happy about that lens.

I had the screwdriver 4/300mm. AF-D and while image quality was exceptional, I did replace it with  the 4/300mm. AF-S. Why? Because of the really huge difference in focussing speed. I'd rate the AF-S focussing speed with say 8.5/10 against 6.0/10 for the AF-D.

But on some lenses it can be just the opposite. My old 1.8/50mm. AF-D focussed a heck of a lot faster than my current 1.4/50mm. AF-S. And my 2.8-4/24-85mm. AF-D isn't slow, either. It just depends on the lens. But in the end I do prefer bodies with built in motors because they will allow me to choose between AF-D and AF-S lenses.

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