OS 10.8 Mountain Lion - converting documents made in Appleworks to Pages

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Re: OS 10.8 Mountain Lion - converting documents made in Appleworks to Pages

Andy Hewitt wrote:

I think you have found the only real solution that will work. As for Apple causing this problem, I think enough time has passed that fair warning was actually given, and indeed they have given an awful lot of backwards compatibility over the years.

FWIW ClarisWorks was discontinued in 1993 (released in 1984), and AppleWorks 4 was released, along with backwards compatibility. It was finally given' 'end of life' status in 2007, but hadn't had any updates for a number of years. The last being an update to v6 to make it work in OSX sometime in the early 2000's. ClarisWorks was discontinued 20 years ago! Remember, during the late 80's and up to late 90's Apple was under the control of people that almost made it go bankrupt.

iWork was released in 2005, and at some point had AppleWorks 6 compatibility before AppleWorks was discontinued officially, so even after another 13 years you still have backwards compatibility with AppleWorks documents.

In the grand scheme of things I think that's pretty good support. Sorry, but I felt Apple needed some credit for what they have done.

OK, you have a lot of work to do, but at least it is possible at all.

Also FWIW, I think your best option is to continue as you are, converting to AW6, then into Pages, as you'll keep much of the formatting, and probably have the least post processing work to do in the end.

You could also have a look here and see if there are any resources that might help:


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Andy - thanks for all this info.  Maybe I'm not understanding the terminology, as I've been creating docs in Appleworks for years, but they are appended "cwk" on the end when saved.  The ones that won't convert are in v.5, and convert to "V6.0 (WP) " on my older iMac running 10.6.8.   IF you can clarify this for me, I'd like to understand the terminology.  The older docs that won't convert look like a page with  and "A/=" with the A in black, a yellow slash, and some sort of rectangle with blue color to the right of the "/".

Cheers and thanks for the info !


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