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Re: Leica 25mm f/1.4 - Pictorial Review

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captura wrote:

This is I believe the best m43 lens, with a DxOMark rating of 21. It is as good as the Sony NEX lens, the 35/1.8, which also scored 21.

I cringe when I see people say a lens is the best based on a DXO Mark score.

Best for what?

A similar ranking at lensrentals puts it behind the 20mm f1.7 and the 14mm


Does this mean you have to change your mind?

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The test there is also pretty bad to make a decision on. It only judges resolution (and likely on an uncorrected raw). While DxO tests resolution, it also tests light transmission, distortion, vignetting, and CA. Still, even that isn't the best test of a lens, as many other factors are included in choice (especially used like a Portrait lens as the OP has done): quality of bokeh, colors, contrast, and I suppose the immeasurable "character".

Excatly right! Thankyou!

The 20mm is an excellent lens. In fact, few m43 primes aren't excellent. Each person needs to make a choice as to whether what one lenses offers better than the other is right for them. 19mm is sharp, quick focusing, cheaper, but slower aperture. 20mm is fast, extremely sharp, pancake size. 25mm has great bokeh, a more standard focal length for those who care, and other benefits, while remaining quite sharp when stopped down if need be (between the 20mm and the 19). 17mm has a great following, despite complaints of it's resolution by simple testers, because the lens works for people. I've seen wonderful shots from it.

Yep. 17mm f1.8 for me. It's the focal length that most suits me. It's also a very good lens, reasonably fast aperture, fast to focus, nice compact size. DxOMark and lenstip don't consider most of the reasons I bought the lens.

Tests are useful for information and comparison, but they aren't the end all discussion to a lens.

Yes. You can't quote a table of lenses from an test as being the right answer. They ignore too many variables and they don't know our individual requiremrnts anyway.

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