One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

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Re: One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

stevenmh wrote:

I can afford it, but just because I can afford it doesn't mean I want to throw money away on something that doesn't offer any usable benefit.  Additionally, where a laptop is concerned, a second drive adds weight and increases power consumption.

With mechanical drives, there's a noticeable improvement in having OS/Apps on a separate drive from catalog/cache/working files, and that's how I've run my desktop for years.  I'm trying to find out if this holds true with SSDs as well, or if they're so fast that the difference becomes marginal.  Since Lightroom is one of the most demanding apps I'll be using, I thought I'd ask here.

It will be a waste, not worth it. The constant caching of thumbnails will worn out the SPEED of the SSD. The SSD will reliably hold data, but the wear-leveling algorithm will cause monumental fragmentation of the files. The thumbnail files will be constantly getting 'blown' to bits by the SSD wear-leveling, As such, the files will be read as fast as from a good HDD.

To shorten, there are no performance benefits to be gained by using a SSD to cache a SSD.

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