Those pricy viewfinders?

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Re: Those pricy viewfinders?

It does not really create a stable platform to hold the camera steady. Also the LV2/3's can be tilted up for viewing down. Probably an economical solution but I think I would prefer a viewfinder myself. Many people swear by them on all the forums  so who I am I to argue.

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No question that the price is "certainly right" versus the VF-2/3s.  But how does the quality compare.  Which connection system would be recommended for use with the XZ-1?  The version that connects to the hotshoe looks as though it might be best for remaining attached to the camera (almost) permanently.  Is this correct?

The one I have is the upgrade designed for 3" LCDs, and connects to the tripod mount. Folds up against the LCD when not in use. The manufacturer makes them for many specific models. As an example, mine has an off-set screw to accommodate the the LX5's tripod mount in relation to the center of the lens. It's all metal (Aluminum) with quality hinges and glass. There are small felt pads, so when folded, the LCD is protected. IMO the image you see is the same quality as the LCD itself. Against your eye, it helps stabilize the camera, and using your left hand over it as you hold the camera, very little if any light gets in between the LCD and the Clearviewer optics (disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this product. I promote it because I'm a very satisfied user. Do a search for Clearviewer on DPR and you'll find the same type comments).

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