FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

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Re: RAW looks like a non-starter for me...

Hatstand wrote:

Been having a fiddle. And it's looking bad for RAW.

I set RAW + JPG... and found it had a dramatic (bad) effect on the number of shots I could take in bursts, and long buffer-clearing delays that prevent any further shooting until it's done.

This is simply not going to work for me at airshows, or for sports. Frankly, I am inclined to abandon the idea of RAW shooting, before I've even started... :-/

Thank you Mr Stand  [    ]

RAW seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it thing, like Marmite.

With my FZ8, I could often get a better pic at 400-1250 ISO via RAW, using the Default settings of Silkypix 3 and then denoising in Noiseware Community and editing in Picasa.

With my FZ200, neither in my own brief RAW tests nor in discussions on this Forum have I detected any significant IQ advantage with RAW over JPEG shooting.

So it comes down to one's prior history, and what one uses best.  I like JPEGs, and with the FZ150 or FZ200, there is no clear IQ advantage of RAW over JPEG, unlike with my FZ8.

I don't like big files either, or the effect you have mentioned in shooting RAW+Fine JPEG.


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