DP2 Merrill and Sigma Photo Pro outputting wrong colors

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Re: No propblem here with 10.7.5

I calibrated my notebook display recently (spyder2) as it is blueish and ever since I am unable to produce images with SPP that look right with respect to color (comparing to prints and on other displays). I can confirm that SPP 5.5 will silently find and apply a color profile if you provided one in Windows 7 (64-bit) color calibration settings (I assume this is what is referred to as "software calibration" since the operating system applies the  profile). Doing a side by side comparison with the exported tiff in Picasa, colors in SPP are more saturated. Picasa now has an option to "use color management". Once enabled, colors are exactly the same (over saturated) as in SPP.

Here's what Google says about Picasa:

"There are many factors that impact how colors in your photos are displayed, including how you calibrate your monitor, your embedded ICC profile, and even the lighting conditions of the room you're in. Enable the Color Management feature and Picasa will support the color profile associated with your monitor in addition to the embedded ICC profile from your photos. To enable or disable Color Management, click the View menu, then choose Use Color Management."

Can someone explain what the idea behind this is?  If I shoot a photo and look at it on my Windows 7 driven color managed screen, SPP shows colors as described above, silently applying the available color profile. I adjust colors to make them look right in this visual representation, but consequently, colors are dull and wrong on any other display or when printed.

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