Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

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Re: Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

mosswings wrote:

ajamils1 wrote:

Read the review earlier and conclusion for me is that.. unless you really need the extra features of D7100, D5200 is a better detail with same (sometimes better) IQ.

... For Rudy Pohl and Jim Pearce, the answer is pretty clear; this is an excellent camera...

Hi mosswings:

Yes, for me the matter is exactly how you've stated it. I bought the camera based on the specs,  I tested it extensively during my two consecutive 15-day trial periods, and in the end it was not a difficult decision for me to keep it as I found it to be an excellent camera, and do so each day that I use it.

My existing camera of 7 months, a Panasonic FZ200, also an excellent camera, had persistent mechanical issues and I was given the choice by the store manager to get all my money back to put towards a new camera of my choice, so it took the opportunity. The only camera on the market at the time that I had an interest in that was near my price point was the Nikon D7100. Having been a previous owner of a Canon 5D MKII and currently using a Canon pro video camera in our web design/video production business, I was partial to Canon but the upgraded Canon models that I've been waiting for, most notably the 7D MKII and the rumoured 70D, were not available and still aren't. So I thought, what the heck, I used to own Nikons back in the 1970s and 80s, let's give the D7100 a try.

As you can see, my personal context and my subsequent buying decision is quite different from someone who presently owns and is happy with the D7000. Add to this the fact that we own a monster computer workstation, high-end monitors, and a room full of hard drives that are needed to edit and store videos for our business, so handling 200 of the largest RAW files from the D7100 is like child's play for our equipment... this is an important consideration. There is no doubt in my mind that if I were a happy D7000 owner and my computing equipment was at or near its capacity, I would pass on the D7100 and wait for the next generation. That decision would be repeatedly reinforced with each new credible review that appears, as is happening now.

However, the world has a lot of folks in it like me who are new to Nikon or who own Nikons older than the D7000 and are looking to upgrade, and my message to them would be that I believe they can buy the D7100 with confidence and look forward to a great ride with a great camera that can do a lot of things very well.

Contrary to the impression I might be leaving here by all my fur and feather postings over the last few weeks I am interested in shooting much more than just birds and critters, as enjoyable and challenging as that is.  I am interested in shooting almost the full gamut of photographic subjects from faces to events to sports to landscapes to cityscapes to macros and more, except for maybe doing studio portrait work, and so I want and need the D7100 to be MUCH more than simply a wildlife camera. I plan to share photos of each of these genres as I am able to turn my attention to them over time, something which I'm really looking forward to.

... my 2 cents...


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