Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

Started Apr 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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And when you get home after taking pictures...
4 clean them again ? How often are you going to do that ? A startes set with 12 pads and a bottle of eclipse is €50 euro in my country. With oil on the sensor, that will get me trough 3 to 4 cleanings before I need to buy new swaps. I never had to use anything else but a rocket blower to clean my D300: probably every 5000 frames or so I blew it clean.

Nikon used to be more expensive when stepped in, but the quality was there. Let us face it, the prices of Nikon cameras went down and are now comparible with Sonys, Canons and Pentaxes. They clearly reduced costs by dumping their higher standards.


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