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Wallybipster wrote:

I did not previously own any M4/3 camera.  But the OM-D was the camera that made me finally buy in.  Sure I could've saved more money by getting an older body.  But the OM-D suited my style and uses like no other option available.  So I paid the premium, and I plan to still be using this camera even when the next generation of OM-D comes out.  And I would not have it any other way.

I agree that upgrade syndrome can be silly, and I'd still be taking decent pictures with other bodies, but these latest and greatest features and improvements have all taken my photography to a different level, coming from an older 4/3 E-620.  I also think that I will not need a serious replacement for my OM-D until it goes the way of all the earth.

Yeah, but that's the real issue here: when you have finally found the camera that works for you, is it sensible to upgrade just because there's a new model on the market. Of course it is sensible to upgrade if there's a tangible improvement or if you're dissatisfied with your current equipment.

For me, a huge leap was with Canon 5d, which made it possible for me to shoot high resolution landscapes that can be magnified to big prints without loss of detail. With a previous 5MP camera, I couldn't do that, so I mainly shot closeups, which are not as sensitive to resolution. However, 5d actually works so well I have a problem justifying anything "better", which would cost at least 2500 EUR and is highly unlikely to produce visible improvements in actual photography. But I guess I will have to do it eventually because my 5d is getting very old, and old cameras tend to fail eventually. With a m43 camera, I would upgrade due to reasons other than image quality - my E-PL1 is ergonomically just bad and is very annoying to work with due to stupid modal buttons, but again it's the point where I ask myself how much financial sense would that make.

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