Comparing OM-D/prime with X100S

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Re: for what its worth...

astone wrote:

knowmostofit wrote:

Why not take a pic of a brick wall, now that really would be interesting; we could count the bricks and see how many were sharp.

Seriously though, what's the point of exercises like this? They're different cameras, are you surprised they don't look quite the same - especially if flash is used on one and not the other!

A pointless exercise.

Here is a point of my exercise.  Just recently I’ve red here on one of the threads that exposure on X100S is higher versus Canon DSLR, meaning the ISO calibration is not the same. That is my main motive to check 2 different cameras with approximately close F-number and other parameters, outside, during a cloudy day. If calibration is right then just visualization will let you have some judgment. An eye is an excellent instrument. Next, if shots at the same conditions from 2 different cameras are approximately the same intensity then all talks about different ISO calibrations between any other cameras unsubstantiated. Basically I’m doing that for myself and I’m sharing it with you. I read from some members expressed some annoyance with my exercise since I made some errors. I’m very sorry that I caused your disturbance.

By all means carry on for your own personal "enjoyment", each to their own, no offence intended.

But what practical reason or change will it make to your taking a proper picture with either or any of your cameras? You will pick up the X100 and take a pic, you will pick up your OMD and take a pic.  Will your deliberations make any change in the way you use your cameras? Will you for instance change the settimgs on either camera so they match in real life image taking? They are different cameras; expect the difference.

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