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Re: What applications do you plan to run?

Roland Wooster wrote:


The best PC, whether on a budget, or completely unconstrained is often based on variables such as what software you plan to run, how many monitors you need to drive, and your workflow.

If you are doing video editing the 6C/12T SNB-E Core i7 39xx series is the way to go, the extra cores, particularly combined with nVidia graphics enable a very smooth editing work flow. I personally use the 3960X along with an Asus X79, 64GB memory, and SLI graphics, for a very slick triple monitor 1080P/60 video solution, one screen has the video full screen, another the premiere pro tools, and the third is used for Audition.

If you are looking at "future proofing" for video editing I have also been editing 4K Red Scarlet 3840*2160/24fps footage, transcoded through Cineform AVI, on a SNB-E 62/12T system, again with 64GB, nVidia graphics, and a SSD.

For gaming, the killer benefit of the X79 platform, and 6C CPU's, is actually no so much the cores, but the 40 lanes of PCIe that the CPU supports. The standard Core i7 4C/8T CPU's have only 16 lanes of PCIe. So if you need to drive multiple graphics cards, or graphics cards and additional server grade RAID controllers for massive storage (not for games, but video apps), then the High End Desktop is again the route to go because you've got so much more bandwidth for plugin cards.

The High End Desktop (X79) platform also has 4 memory channels, which with some motherboard designs means 8 memory slots. Given the memory slots for Core i7 are limited to 8GB per slot, you can get up to 64GB only with the X79 platform, and limited to 32GB for the mainstream Core i7.

32GB is plenty for most users, but 64GB can benefit you if you create, or edit multi layer huge pano files, if you use After Effects, and if you plan to edit 4K video files.

Do not forget to load the system up with SSD's, these make an absolutely critical performance difference to the system. At a minimum you should get a Sata GenIII, 6Gbps drive for your boot and appliations. If you want to take a step up from there you can get two and RAID-0 them together, which doubles your sequential read and write performance - which is largely what a photo or video editing applciation will benefit from. I've used Intel SSD's with great success, and have many in RAID-0 arrays, on one system I'm even running 10 in the same box and although it's heavily overclocked and hot, they humm along with 100% reliabilty.


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Thank you very much!

Well, your post is making me to be sure going with i7-39xx model then and something else, i did say many times i will do videos sooner or later, i will use Adobe Master Collection CS6, Phocus for my Digital Hasselblad files, video softwares, AutoCAD, Panos, PC games,...etc, so i want the machine to be able for anything i throw at it from files/games to videos, and i have a plan also to go for 4K videos in the future, i have one friend asking me very much to start video and buy a high end video gear if possible, in this case i don't want to buy or build a PC that will be limited later because i use it heavily, you said i need to go higher, others said i will be fine with middle performance even using videos, i really feel confusing, are they recommending according to performance or according to budget?!!!

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