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Re: latest and greatest, NO!

To each his own.

Situations differ. Some people have a lot of disposable income to spend on photo equipment. Some people don't.

Some people are good at selling their old equipment without taking a big loss and can then jump the upgrade ladder with little investment.

We should be thankful to the ones that buy the latest and the greatest the whole time, as they are the ones that let the companies earn enough profit to innovate. If everyone just tried to buy when price have fallen 50% and/or used, the camera companies would soon be out of business.

I've had four digital cameras in the last 10 years.

Could I still shoot with my A70? No, it broke down after I passed it over to a relative.

Could I still shoot with my K100D? Probably, but I didn't want to invest in lenses for a system that may be outgoing.

Could I still shoot with my GF1? Absolutely, a nice camera but I wanted one with an EVF and better high ISO / DR so I upgraded to E-M5.

What would make me upgrade from the E-M5? A smaller range-finder-style camera with a built-in EVF and either a multi-aspect sensor or IBIS. But one doesn't seem to be forthcoming, so I think I'll stick with the E-M5 for a while now.

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