Need help deciding between the Sony NEX 6 or the Olympus OMD EM5?

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Re: a more civil thread in the other forum

Sk8trguy wrote:

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Sk8trguy wrote:

i just read through the duplicate thread in the other forum.  it is far more civil with no personal name calling and forum bashing.  the worst post was about how people will try to 'convert' you in that forum and to instead post here. so bash me all you want - but any prospective buyers can read through both threads and form their own opinions.

it is very nice to see so many posters list the pros of both cameras.  to them i say thanks for making these forums helpful.

I agree. Their behavior has reversed with this forum. I post there very open often.

i only look in that forum when research takes me there, but when it comes to nex vs m43 threads they are more civil imho.  i do not own one of those cameras so I can only comment on what i read and what dpreview says.  oh and zackdawg, elmatadorr and others here are great posters who i learned a lot from.  many here are very civil and nice except about 4 posters who appear to have other motives and get upset if another camera is mentioned.

It just seems a bit less pleasant here than before. And a bit less unpleasant over in that forum than before.

There are some similarities too. Some persons in the other forum has somewhat deified the OMD (OMG?) while the Pana. contingent has been less successful with the GH3. It's very odd, but some of the same happens at times on this forum. The NEX-7 used to be a bit of an object of cult worship for a very few, although that has now shifted to the NEX-6. Temporarily. It's an exercise in mass obsession. And some of the human behavioral rules also apply equally, such as the need to justify one's purchase after the fact.

There now seem to be fewer fan-boys in both forums, but maybe a few paid shills here on this forum. I've wondered about that.

Idea? Is there a healthy way that the natural rivalry between the 2 forums could be engaged in a supervised forum debate? With rules that are fair...for interesting intellectual combat? That might relieve some of the infighting within the groups.

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