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Re: I have EPl5 and Gh2

Hen3ry wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

GH2 is virtually the same as G5. Same sensor, better video, a bit more controls, similar size.

I bought EPL5 not forthe better IQ, but mainly to have a cam with me all the time. Now someone says that with the EVF the EL5 is bigger. That is not true at all. The body of the G5 is really more bulky. Much more bulky. And it weighs more. You can have the EVF in one pocket and the cam body in another if it won't fit. This is not possible with the G5. Gh2 was a cam that was too bulky to take with me all the time and EPL5 really is not.


I'm sorry I have to say, that is nonsense. If you want to shoot eye level, you MUST have the VF2 fitted. Carrying it around in a separate pocket -- phooey!!!

Go and check the specifications! 320g for the E-PL5, 396g for the G5. Now add the VF2 to the E-PL5, then add the stupid little accessory flash and that takes the E-PL5 up to the same weight as the G5 -- but you are suffering the disadvantage of having three pieces of equipment instead of one.

That leaves the depth dimensions of the two cams. Add a standard lens -- hey! the depth is the same!!!

But add the X 14-42 to the G5. Hey! The G5 beats the E=PL5 on depth!!!

The G5 looks chunkier than the E-PL5 and it is a little larger if you don’t want to shoot at eye level (as I do nearly all the time) and if you are willing to sacrifice eye level shooting and quick operation to have fill-in or low power flash.

Pro's G5:

- electronic shutter (does not wear out, no shuttershock so no blurring because of that).
- Ergonomics
- Swiveling display that is fully used
- Better balance with larger lenses
- Better manual controls
- Better video
- Lenses with some aberations of Panny will be autocorrected in cam

That last SHOULD read

- In-camera auto correction for CA and distortion generally for Panny lenses --a significant advantage.

Then add:

- BUILT-IN, FLIP-UP FLASH for quick fill-in or a quick flash shot when you want it.

- Superior IS with OIS when using Panny lenses.

- Native Panny X lens implementation.

- Very superior ergonomics in the business.

Watch out for this:
- Oly lenses are not stabilsed, which for the greater focal lentghs or low light shooting is a clear disadvantage. So to me, the lens choice is more  a problem for Panny than Oly...but..

- BUT the IBIS on the E-PL5 is still pretty rubbish and can damage pix. E-PL5 users don’t dare use their IBIS unless they are working at distressingly low shutter speeds so this problem is rare.

Pro's EPL5
- Size and weight

- BUT only if you use the E-PL5 body as is and do not add the VF2 or VF3 and the silly little accessory flash. With these added and a lens, i.e. with nearly equal functionality, the dimensions are pretty much the same.

- IQ is notably better, a step you'd expect from a sensor that is one generation ahead

This is true at pixel peeping magnifications.

- JPEGS and art filters are very usable, fun to use and very good. I enjoyed these much more than I ever expected

Just like the G5. Frankly, I have no use for this stuff, though.

- IBIS, all  lenses are stabilised. Also: preference setting (if you do use a lens with stabilsation that will automatically be used instead of IBIS)

I have yet to see any published evidence that the IBIS in the E-PL5 is any better than the IBIS in the E-PL3. I see no mention of it in the Olympus announcements. The E-PL3 IBIS is rubbish. If it is switched on at shutter speeds higher than 1/10 second, you either get no useful effect or your risk damaging your pictures with double images. How often do you shoot at 1/10? The Panny OIS is much superior.

- Mysets lets you configre four buttons to you favourite settings. So yu can set the cam for a special purpose, just set it via that button and you can go ahead. Great!

True -- but you need these because of the terrible ergonomics and lack of controls. I haven’t investigated this specifically, but I believe the G5 also has some provision for presets.

Watch out for this:
- Some Panasonic lenses show banding in high ISO shots and are not corrected in the body. The first thing seems sensor related (also banding with GH3), the second thing can easily be dealt with in LR.

"Easily dealt with in LR"? Oh -- so you need to add LR to the E-PL5 to give you what the G5 gives you out of the camera?

AND the E-PL5 does NOT correct for CA with Oly lenses either! It does not correct CA with ANY lens!

- tiltable screen is 3"but only 2,5"is used. It is nice screen, but it is a bit strange also and not ideal.

Not nearly as useful as the G5's full articulated screen.

If you want a very portable camera with the best IQ there is in m43s, it is the EPL5 to my mind. If you want the best all round cam which still is extremely small compared to DSLRs and you don't mind a bit more size and weight I think the G5 is the better camera.

Ah, you got the summary right except you should have added for the G5, IQ which is as good or better than you would want for all practical purposes.

Cheers, geoff

Placing multiple exclamation marks at the end of your sentences doesn’t make your comments any more valid. What I see in your comments is you that you are making absolute judgements against the E-PL5 based on your personal preferences.

If you want a viewfinder, of course it doesn’t make sense to get an E-PL5 and add an expensive accessory. You would just get a camera with a built-in viewfinder.

For me, I was happy to leave a viewfinder behind years ago when I switched from DSLR to mirrorless. The same with a built-in flash. I don’t have much use for direct flash – if I want a flash I want a bounce flash. Having the built in flash and viewfinder on the G5 is added bulk for features that are of no use to me. But if they are important to someone then I certainly wouldn’t suggest getting an E-PL5 over a G5.

Your comments on IBIS on the E-PL5 being poor is fair, but you overstate the disadvantage of this. Remember, with a Panasonic body you don’t get any stabilisation at all with most of the prime lenses – and there’s nothing to stop you putting a stabilised Panasonic lens on an Olympus body. That’s what I have done - put a Panasonic 14-45mm on my E-PL5. I get the best of both worlds – great IS from the Panasonic lens, great IQ from the E-PL5 sensor.

Just clarify your comments about CA and distortion with Panasonic lenses on Olympus bodies - Olympus bodies do give you distortion correction with Panasonic lenses – just not chromatic aberration removal. But again, you overstate the significance of this. In my case CA is not really an issue – the Panasonic 14-45mm has CA pretty well controlled. But if it is present it is literally a 1-click in Lightroom to remove it.

Many of us on these forums already have Lightroom and it is part of their normal workflow. I’ve never made use of a photo that I didn’t do some post processing on – even if it is just bit of crop or levels adjustment. So no additional effort is required just to click a slider to remove CA if it’s a problem. You could even add it as a default preset to make it a no-click operation.

Your comments on the tilting LCD of the E-PL5 vs the fully articulating LCD of the G5 are again just a matter of personal preference. I’ve seen many comments from those who specifically don’t like swivelling the LCD out to the side of the camera to take a photo. The main advantage of the fully articulating LCD used to be that it was the only way you could get the LCD facing forward for self portraits. But the LCD on the E-PL5 – like the Sony NEX 3N and F3 – will tilt right up to face forward. So I don’t see much difference in the usefulness of the screens in this regard.

And finally, you seem to have a very grudging acknowledgement that the E-PL5 has better IQ than the G5 with your comments like “… true at pixel peeping magnifications” and that the G5 has “IQ which is as good or better than you would want for all practical purposes”. Surely you’re not suggesting that the E-PL5’s IQ is too good to be of any practical benefit?

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