x100s and x100 have same focus speed most of the time

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Re: x100s and x100 have same focus speed most of the time

christy88 wrote:

I was this close to getting one today at the airport but held off. From all the replies on FujiX-Forum It looks like only the Japanese and APAC models (serial letter 0 and M) do not suffer from AF lag (irrespective of firmware). Perhaps getting an import from Digitalrev aint such a bad idea - not withstanding the lack of original receipt / fuji warranty..

This is a totally in line of an urban legend. They don't make different models for different countries  it is the same camera with different stickers. The phase detection is not same as the phase detection in dslr. The purpose of the on chip phase detection is to determine if the lens is currently in back or front focus and then move it accordingly correct way. But the actual focus is not done by this - the differential in phase is too small for correct pinpoint focus, it is just for direction. When it gets the direction right the lens doesn't need to go full cyc down then up it simply goes in right direction, the saving in time could be easily 3x. You want to avoid the case when it starts wrong direction because then it would need to cycle lens twice and it will be slower than without ph. So if it is not 90% sure it doesn't engage at all. It is really a bit flimsy system that only improve chances of faster focus, but it isn't faster focus per se. Still in average it should improve the chances of faster focus from x100, but not like dslr speeds.

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