What is the purpose of the Coolpix A?

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Re: What is the purpose of the Coolpix A?

JacquesBalthazar wrote:

D7K quality in the pocket of your shirt, your suit jacket, your cycling jersey  or your cargo shorts. Have "pro" level photography capability at hand  at parties, at music festivals, at the pub, in the street, hiking in the mountains, without feeling any weight and without being seen as the regular "photo freak". Or simply stroll down the alleys of a seedy neighbourhood without feeling like a prime mugging target.

Pretty compelling when you are a really keen photographer. This A is a beauty!

Wouldn't all those benefits be possible with interchangeable lenses too?  Nikon would have to design a new DX-optimized lens mount (much like they did for the Nikon 1 line), but couldn't you have just as much compactness as the "A" , but not have your body permanently affixed to one lens.  After all, they're getting the compactness because they ditched the viewfinder and the mirror and designed a prime lens optimized for that form factor/sensor size, not because it's a permanently affixed lens.

I'd be surprised if Nikon is going to find a lasting and sizable market for a $1000 camera with a fixed, permanent prime on it.  Yes, there may be a burst of enthusiasts who will part with $1000 for a specialized camera, but I can't see that market extending for several years.

My theory is that Nikon is going to eventually do a mirrorless APS-C product line with newly designed interchangeable lenses (like the Sony NEX series) that is as compact as the "A", but Nikon doesn't have the new lens lineup ready yet so they are cutting their teeth and milking the early adopters with the "A" and a fixed prime.

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