Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

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Re: Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

I can understand the compromise to achieve better IQ but the problem i that it looks like Nikon try to go over board with it with too much focus on AA filter removal and AF system, everything else seem to be of previous generation. Also, to achieve better IQ Nikon seem to have compromised on the noise and that's why D7100 exhibits a lot more noise compared to same sensor D5200.

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A very well done review, which is probably the most serious thus far, and pretty much what you predicted mossy.

Kirk Tuck over at VisualScienceLab had this to say about imaging chains in a recent blog post about the A58:

Sony is the sensor maker of the moment. What they've chosen to offer in their cameras is not necessarily the least noisy sensor but the result of a different outcome in the typical design compromise. Seems you can have detail, saturated color, accurate color, low noise and wide dynamic range but, like everything else in real life each engineering choice in sensor design tugs at some corner of this inventory of attributes. If you want the ultimate in high ISO low noise you may just have to give up color accuracy and wide DR. If you want the highest amount of detail in your files  you may have to put up with a bit more noise.

Nikon appears to have taken a different course in this latest generation, perhaps to distinguish itself from Sony, perhaps for other more pedestrian reasons.  In any case it's up to us whether we accept it and buy in.

It does seem to me, though, that Nikon is now going to have to focus more on improving the photographic experience rather that raw (RAW?) IQ; it will need to address QC, field-maintainability (or the design of cameras that don't require it), more effective integration with computer communications, programmability, customer service.  These are not sexy and don't sell cameras to the geeks, but they  over time keep the masses coming back.  Toyota for decades sold cars that weren't sexy but never broke down, and got you there relatively comfortably.  Appliances to be sure, but Toyota was able to sell them at a premium over other sexier brands.  Now they're at the point where they have to start adding back the sex, the character.  Character alone, though, can take you only so far.

Yep, we're passing the knee.

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