best flash accessory for night run?

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Re: best flash accessory for night run?

b4cktr4ck wrote:


I will be taking some pictures of a night run (Glow Run) on Saturday and will use my 430EX on camera for practicality.

What is the best accessory to use to get some good shots?

I have the diffuser cap , a mini softbox , or I could use a self made bounce card (similar to the one comes with the 580EX) ?. I have also seen bounce cards like these but I'm afraid I'm too late to get one

Using the mini softbox the light seems to be still hard, maybe using the diffuser cap + mini softbox?

The diffuser cap converts the flash into a pseudo bare bulb flash, sending light out in all directions.  In a small room with light colored walls and ceiling the light bounces off the walls and ceiling and back onto the subject, softening the light by diffusing the highlights and shadows. It can be a good accessory in these cases.

In a room with brightly colored walls or ceiling the bounce light picks up the color of the walls and color contaminates your subject so it is not a good accessory to use in those cases.

Outdoors all the light sent in any direction except straight at the subject is wasted so all you get is batteries that are exhausted sooner.

The mini softbox is too little to soften light beyond about 2'.  It is a good accessory for macro photography.

Any suggestions on settings? bump ISO to get some ambient, mid aperture to get group of people (5-6) in focus

The best way is to do what Clueless Wanderer suggested, get your flash off-camera and on a stand.  Add an umbrella if you want the light to be softer but be sure to have someone holding the stand since even the gentlest breeze will catch the umbrella and blow over the stand.

In your case I suggest a 43"-46" umbrella to give you light over the entire subject - a smaller umbrella won't spread the light out enough.

Yongnuo RF-602s or RF-603s will give you remote triggering of the flash without a cord.

I suggest you read Lighting 101 on how Dave Hobby uses a stand & umbrella with off-camera flash.

Strobist - David Hobby's Site

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