Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: Microsoft relents with Windows 8.1

Michael Firstlight wrote:

News today that the upcoming service pack (Windows 8.1)  is going to allow users to decide which user interface to boot into.  I suspect that means they'll have to also bring back the Start button or some variant as there needs to be a user interface to the programs, shutting down and so on.


I just finished building the new 3930K system with Win 8 Pro along with Classic Shell.  Hopefully I can jettison Classic Shell with Win 8.1.  Win 8 Pro has been better that my Win7 Ultimate build in every regard EXCEPT one critical one.  Because I was overclocking the 3930K until I got it to a sable 4.8GHz under full Prime 95 load (still not done, will get to 5GHz plus yet :-), there were the expected occasional BSODs while I was tweaking the extensive Rampage Extreme BIOS parametes for overclocking - that is normal when pushing the limits.  The problem if the system BSODs at a certain point during Win8 boot-up (about the point when Metro is loading), the OS would automatically reboot and go into recovery mode.  Not once was Windows self-diagnostic recovery successful.  In this regard and only in this regard was Win7 a lot better. Luckily I make Acronis images along the way and was able to restore to the RAID 0 system array of dual Samsung Pro 512 drives and continue from where I left off.  Eventually I learned that had I done a Windows system image backup then Windows recovery would have worked from that image, but the genius kids at MS hid that Win7 utility (I finally found it buried deep in the bowls of File Recovery). Now I have both Acronis and Windows backup images of my system drive.  I suspect they'll fix the self-recovery feature in Win 8.1

I am planning to keep Win8 Pro and not revert to Win7.  Win8 has some very nice things I am quickly getting used. I still hate Metro and despise that I have it flash by before Classic Shell takes over automatically and puts it into the classic windows user interface. Soon with Win 8.1 Metro will be history (well, there but nowhere in sight or in the boot path).


If you think that metro will be gone any time soon, especially in favor of a traditional start menu, you are kidding yourself.

Metro and it's adoption by a wide user base (which they can use as leverage into the mobile space) is the key to Microsoft's future.

While I can certainly see Microsoft making it possible to boot directly to the Desktop or the ability to search from the desktop without having to go all the way to the metro screen, or putting power in a more visible area, or even putting some sort of icon in the lower left corner of the screen to take you to the metro screen, I would bet almost anything that you will never again see a start MENU in Windows.

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