My Sony Nex 6 got stolen :(((

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Re: My Sony Nex 6 got stolen :(((

Sorry to read of your loss.  Everyone in this thread has made excellent points.  You need to be the ultimate arbiter of what is best for you.  If you were completely content and enjoying the NEX 6, then I would say you should replace it.  If you are overall happy with the NEX line and re-purchase some of the lost lenses, you are invested in the NEX eco-structure and would only need to upgrade your camera as time goes on.

I have a full frame Canon rig that I use to shoot high school sports as a side-line.  I also own an OM-D with a couple primes as a travel package.  I have previously owned the NEX 7 and NEX 6, as well.  I really liked the NEX system the most as my down-size package, but found the lens choices too limiting, but I realize with time that might change.  M/4-3s has the edge right now lens-wise, but to a certain extent, that would depend on what you subjectively wanted for your needs.  Some the NEX lenses (e.g. the 24mm Zeiss) are absolutely top-shelf quality lenses.

Take your time and make an objective decision based on what really makes you happy and feels right to you.  Whatever you decide, the gear should not get in your way and should meld with your style and needs.  Not trying to beat an over quoted axiom to death, but it really is about the photographer and not the gear, as all of the options you have floated will take excellent images in the hands of a photographer who takes the time to learn and know their equipment.

Lastly in the US, it is relatively a low cost option to add a rider to your homeowner or renter's insurance policy for camera gear.  I will admit that for years, I did not do so, but one day after adding up my investments, I priced an add-on policy and found it to be a relatively low cost option and provided a lot of piece of mind.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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