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Re: The One Real Concern Mentioned....

Tom Caldwell wrote:

RAW to me helps make a great capture greater and also can be used to rescue a camera settings error at capture time.  However for me and many others a good jpg image is good enough for "a purpose".

Yes. Including me.

I am very interested in the ability to pp raw in-camera.  This might be a more interesting activity to while away the spare moments in a cafe or on a bench in the park than texting on a mobile phone simply to be "doing something".

I've found the feature in other cameras nice when traveling, e.g., returning from a wilderness hike I regularly take day-long bus or train trips and there reviewing and occasionally processing pictures in-camera is a very nice way to spend the time.

With any luck our raw files can be safely processed before they are even downloaded off camera - or do we all not trust Ricoh's internal engine as good enough to process the dng files into a reasonable jpg viewing standard?  Surely with the user directing the engine it can be done?

I'm sure it will be good enough often enough to be worthwhile, for me. Your mileage may vary, of course.

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