Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

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Re: Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

ajamils1 wrote:

Read the review earlier and conclusion for me is that.. unless you really need the extra features of D7100, D5200 is a better detail with same (sometimes better) IQ.

Again, that's always been the tradeoff equation between the top-end DX and the 'tweener: essentially the same image quality, less "enthusiast" features, less ability to field-maintain, lesser build.  This is nothing new.  The big question in many forum members' minds is - is the IQ practically better than the D7000?  That question is more nuanced.  For Rudy Pohl and Jim Pearce, the answer is pretty clear; this is an excellent camera...for Jim, probably, as long as the D400 doesn't show up soon. For folks like myself, a bit trickier.  I can get better results out of it than I can my D90, but I'll have to work at it in post.  The RAWs will permit heavier postprocessing.

Looking back, we can see the workflow costs of acquisition mounting over the recent generations.

D80-D90, very slight file size and processing penalty but a big increase in bulk performance with a change from CCD to CMOS technology;

D90-D7000, 50% increase in file size and processing, good increase in bulk performance, cleaner and finer noise, highly robust images requiring little cleanup.

D7000-D7100, 55% increase in file size and processing, slight to no increase in bulk performance, still finer noise, excellent color, some deep shadow flaws under very extreme conditions, readily correctable in RAW postprocessing.

It still remains that at this level of resolution the camera needs to provide some method of performance field-maintenance, and that capability is reserved exclusively to the D7000 and D7100. Again, one needs to weigh the notable operational advances against the more subtle IQ improvements.

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