OS 10.8 Mountain Lion - converting documents made in Appleworks to Pages

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Re: MrMojo - converting documents made in Appleworks to Pages

c.hammett wrote:

I downloaded OpenOffice, and did exactly what you said, and it did work.. sort of   I saw what you meant about multiple pages,  but my text finally appeared, but it was rather all run together and pretty small.  I tried OpenOffice"help" to see if I could locate a way to enlarge and change the foot, but I was somewhat baffled by the numerous options and choices, so gave up for the evening.  I guess there is no simple way to do this except for my "workaround" of taking the files over to my other computer and converting them to v 6.0 and then moving them back to my primary computer to save as pages.

I still can't believe that Apple did this without some kind of warning !!!    At least everything else seems to work in 10.8.

Meanwhile, if anyone else knows of an easier workaround, I'm sure a few others might like to know too !

Thanks again MrMojo....I'm not giving up on OpenOffice yet, so if you have any other specifics on how to untangle the text, enlarge it, or change the font, I'd love to know !  I think I must be missing something here.

Cheers !    carolyn

Apple is well known for this both for software and hardware(see final cut pro etc.).  Appleworks was discontinued many many years ago, as was pages - the openoffice suggestion is good - you could also try neooffice.

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