Looking for V600 Scanner Owners for Help

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Jay Reeves Contributing Member • Posts: 743
Re: Looking for V600 Scanner Owners for Help

Several years ago I scanned a 3x5 negative successfuly with a V500.  Then got distracted with work and have forgotten exactly what I did.   In general I scanned the negative twice and put the two halves together in PS.  Now one would expext to never be able to line the pixels up, but printed at modest size no one would be the wiser.  Now you have piqued my interest - I will try that again and see if I can duplicate my earlier effort.  Can't locate the result I got before.  Do have a piece of white mat board in my scanner supplies that I cut a 3x5 opening in - not sure if that was the answer or more likely put the negative in the narrower Epson negative holder with the one side of the neg lined up for one scan and then slid the negative so the opposite side was against the holder.

Agree with others that V700 is the ideal solution, but I can't justify the expense for my purposes.


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