Dependable (cheap) Radio Slave

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Re: Dependable (cheap) Radio Slave

Sailor Blue wrote:

By the way, all the arguing about whether or not the Yongnuo RF-602 or RF-603 will sync at 1/200 sec isn't very important.  Unless you are shooting outdoors in bright light then using a sync speed of 1/160sec or even 1/125sec is sufficient for almost all uses. It is the high speed flash of light that stops the subject motion, not the shutter.

I apologize if my post came across as "arguing". There are indeed many more important things in life than whether I can sync at 1/125th or 1/200th...

I remember that my early film SLR cameras only synced at 1/60sec with hot-shoe flash units or flash bulbs and I was happy with them.  Being able to sync at a higher shutter speed really makes little difference.

As long as there is no ambient light affecting the scene this is a true statement. No arguing here

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