DA Limited Lens Case (Take) 2

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Re: DA Limited Lens Case (Take) 2 - Photo

With that kind of case, I would like to see a little strap holding each lens in place.  I would hate to bobble things and spill a few lenses.

The strap would not have to be strong.  Just strong enough to prevent a lens from being knocked loose.  A little, tiny bungee or something.

LensBaby makes a case similar in size and shape.  I don't recall the exact dimensions.  I do remember thinking it was hard to determine if it would work well or not...  Might be a thing to look at, if someone is interested.  I think it is lime green and black.

Although, it looks like the case in your picture forms a deep cup for the lenses.  I don't mean to say I think lenses would fall without provocation.  A strap would just make me feel better..

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