Why so few 60D posts here?

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Re: Because...

jonrobertp wrote:

jonrobertp wrote:

because it was a dissappointment for tons of ppl wanting to upgrade from the  50D.

I was one of thousands...

Who else are the rest of the thousands? your imaginary friends?

and the 7D...nope.  It was in a different category ,

No it is not. it was about 300 dollars more than 50D, while 60D was about 300 less than 50D. If you truly wanted an upgrade because 50D wasnt good enough, you would have spent that extra 200 and got that 7D. As I said the truth is you werent really looking for an upgrade, people like you merely wanted to whine.

just like the 70 and 7DII are again.

There is no rule on what you must buy, the only difference is price. 70D may inherit 60D's pricing or 50D's. 7D2 may inherit 7D's pricing or jump up to 2K. if 70D is 1399 and 7D2 is 1699, then they are pretty much the same category. Just liek what one would say abotu D800 and 5D3.

Ppl from the 30 & 40 went to the 60, but few from the 50...who were very dissappointed in the 60.

Whiners do. As they always do.

That's when many like me went to Nik for the D7k.

That is fine. D7000 is a better camera than 60D but also more expensive, it was 100 more right at release but 60D quickly dropped another 100 so pretty much from the start 60D was 200 dollars cheaper. add the fact that back then 60D had two better lenses available - 17-55 IS and 70-200 F4 IS which nikon could not compete with. I do not think grass was much greener on the otherside back then. Things are slightly different now of course. D7100 is out and 70D isnt.

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