Canon 6D white curtain phenomenon

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obvious strobe - you can see the light source firing

There is a strobe light going off. No doubt. You can see the nature of the shadows changing.

Look at the last image. Look at the singer's feet. In the dark areas his feet have no shadows projecting backwards. In the bright areas his feet have a strong, dark shadow coming towards us. You can see the strobe behind the singers head.

You still doubt? Look at the last photo again. Behind the singer's head is a bank of lights in the distance. You can see a red and a blue one in the left side of the image. In the middle image the blue one is off.

Guess where the bright source of light is centered. Right from the row of hanging lights. About where a 4th or 5th light would be.

Sometimes in the excitement of the event we forgot what really happened.


bigdaddave wrote:

That is NOT the flash from another camera, no way no how.

Do you know the chances of another flash going off in the same 1/500th of a second? Infinitessimal. You could try for years and not have that happen once.

It is the begginnings of shutter failure, no doubt about it, you are being fooled by the fact the area is much more exposed than the surroundings.

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