Which full frame Nikon body is safe to buy?

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Re: As others have said, all of them Well, not all..........

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

All of them are safe to buy. Which one is best for you comes down to what you value most, what type of photography you do and how much you are willing to pay. Each of them have pros and cons. Nothing is perfect. But each of them is capable of making breathtaking images in the right hands.

You must have missed this from Regos -

"Which full frame Nikon body can I buy that has no known, serious, potentially deal breaking issues?"

and this

"In any case, I am now fully warned and have decided to not by a Nikon D600 at this time, or probably ever. What is left?"

I don't follow the D600 threads as I have no interest in one, and wouldn't be in this thread if it was a D600 thread so...... I've just done a Google search limiting results to threads from the past week, and I could not find anything saying the D600 dust / oil issue is fixed. So for the fellows that have a good one or don't mind cleaning the sensor as needed, everything is good. But that hardly makes it a camera that you would recommend to someone.

Which is a mute point really, as the OP has already ruled the D600 out.

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